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Please avoid these foods that could create dental cavities in the children


Posted on : 08/Nov/2018 11:08:07

Teeth present in the mouth are very important as they help us in chewing the foods etc. It is said that the presence of strong and healthy teeth could also indicate the health of a person.  The shocking piece of news is kids or children are highly prone to developing cavities in their teeth as they consume foods rich in sugars, starch etc. These cavities are of various colours like brown, black, grey etc and they are small hollows in the teeth. The duration of sugary and starchy foods present on the teeth of a kid could create dental cavities.

These foods must be avoided to prevent dental cavities in the kids.

Avoid fruit juices intake:

To make the juices tasty sugars are added to juices. When these juices are consumed by the kids they get struck and stay in the teeth of kids and over a period of time get changed to sugar acids. This could damage the teeth are create cavities in the kids. So avoid fruit juices plus other soft drinks etc.

Avoid popcorns:

The popcorns attract the attention of kids and popcorn is favourite food item of many kids. These popcorns get struck in the area between the teeth. This could lead to the development of bacteria and then cavities are formed in teeth.

Avoid bread and peanut butter intake:

This is also one food that must be avoided by kids. The bread and peanut butter have high sugars content in them. These get struck and stay in the kid teeth and after sometime cavities are formed in the teeth.

Avoid meat products intake:

It is well known that adults as well as kids eat meat without knowing that some meat products have got sugars in them. The meat products having sugar content get struck between the teeth causing tooth decay and cavities in the children.

Avoid starchy foods:

There are many foods like fried rice, French fries, puri etc that are highly preferred by the children. These foods have starch and carbohydrates in them and it could result in cavities. It is important for the kids to wash their mouths properly after taking starchy foods to avoid getting cavities.