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These are the various reasons for our oily skin which we might not know


Posted on : 12/Jun/2018 10:26:12

Looking fresh is what many of us dream about but it is not possible for all. Most of us have oily skin only. It is well known that our body produces oil so that our skin is kept soft as well as moisturized. When sebum is produced in excessive amounts then our skin becomes very oily. The presence of blackheads makes us to lose confidence and these blackheads are formed when oil present on our skin gets mixed with dead skin cells.

These below mentioned reasons are responsible for making our skin oily.

Hormonal changes - This is one most important cause that could result in oily skin in us. It must be noted that the biggest effect of hormonal changes is seen in the production of oily skin. During periods, pregnancy, after delivering the baby, menopause etc many hormonal changes takes place and could result in oily skin.

Stress - This is one widely used word these days and majority of us have stress. This stress over the time begins to show on the skin. Androgen hormone is produced under stress and this result in oily skin. When the stress is controlled this issue of oily skin could be avoided.

Over usage of beauty products This could also be a cause for the oily skin in us. These days many of us use so many beauty products. It is said that excessive use of anything is bad for health and same is for skin also. Over usage of many beauty products result in oil production. So be careful.

Not consuming enough water - Not many know that drinking enough water could solve many issues in us. One such issue is regarding oily skin in us. Water keeps our skin hydrated and it makes oil glands less oily. Less blocking of skin glands plus lesser inflammation of skin is got when we drink enough quantities of water in a day.

Weather - During winter times we feel drier and in the summers we feel more sticky and greasy. It is said that hot, humid or rainy weather could affect our skin and could result in more oily production.  

Diet we consume - Our skin could become oily when we consume unhealthy foods. So enough care must be taken to eat healthy diet. In this aspect cucumber, oranges, nuts, avocados, coconut water could be superb and these must be included in our diet so that we could be free from oily skin.

Genetics - It is now said that genetics plays huge role in deciding our skin types also much like our hairs or eyes etc. When a person is genetically built to have more sebaceous glands in his or her body then the oil produced would be more and hence the oily skin.

Consuming too much dairy products - Studies have shown that consuming more dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter etc could lead to more oily skin in us. They stimulate oil glands in our skin and make our skin look oily.