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Google helps with job opportunities for Indians


Posted on : 01/May/2018 13:51:45

Google has added another feature in its search engine operations/results, including the sector for job opportunities in various cadres.

Presently, in India, there is a good chance of getting a job on searching for the same in Google.

In a recent event organized in Delhi, the search engine giant Google has announced that it will introduce the feature of job opportunities on various fronts.

This has been introduced as a new experience of searching in the Google I/O 2017 and has been uploaded now for the benefit of the Indian users.

This new feature intends the main aim of linking the job seekers and the job providers in all sectors of industries as a part of the Google operations.

Google informed that this development has brought up a closer interaction with the job providing organizations.

It is a rather difficult exercise to search for a job in a given sector and even more challenging while looking for a specific job.

Job-opportunities related information is available in different media such as newspapers, notice boards, and websites. However, Google intends that its job opportunity feature should be more specific in finding the suitable job openings of the skills of the applicant/searcher.

The president of the software engineering of the Search Engineering Department, Achint Srivastava, explained in a blog:

We intend to integrate the countless job opportunities in the country with the job-seeking Indians to provide a new experience. It is not important as to who you are or what kind of job you are searching for. Now, it has become easier and simpler to search and locate the job which perfectly matches with the job seekers requirements.

With this new feature, using phrases such as job opportunities near my location, job opportunities for newcomers, or equivalents, to find out all the job opportunities within their locations. It is now possible to find out the correct job openings after the detailed study of the various job opportunities in the market.

Google informed that it had interacted closely with various job opportunity agencies such as Asian Jobs, Freshers World, Head Honchos, IBM Talent Management Solutions, Linkedin, Cusecs, Quicker Jobs, Shine.com, T-Jobs, TimesJobs, etc. and then provide the details of the job openings on various fronts.

Google informed that the main objective is to get the job opportunities matching with the skill of the searcher as quickly and as easily possible from the job-related website and other sources.

As for India, Google informed that it has gathered information related to over 90000 job providers regarding over 1 million jobs available.

Presently, choices of job opportunities will be given based on details such as designation of the job, resident locality, part-time/full-time, or apprenticeship or training.

Google informed that further arrangements are being made to offer the job openings in various related sectors. Also, the provision to enroll for jobs as soon as entering Google is given as the main feature.

Googles job opportunity services recently introduced bids fair to offer a stiff challengnge to other websites such as LinkedIn regarding the new job opportunities for its 500 million users.

Google has reported that there was a phenomenal 45% growth during the last quarter of the year 2017 on the aspect of searching. As most of the job-seeking operations and related queries have been done mostly online, Google has the capability to do better as the main link for the job seekers and job providers.