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How is life after marriage?


Posted on : 29/May/2018 16:18:21

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Most of you feel that your life before marriage was a lot better than your life after marriage. You think that your married life is rather tediously overwhelming. 

Yes! Your life after marriage does change. You can no longer be as carefree as you were before your marriage. You have many responsibilities thrust on you. 

Here is the before marriage and after marriage scenario.

No one questions you before marriage. But you become answerable to your spouse after marriage. You spent money without thinking about your future. You were rather reckless in dealing with your money before marriage. But after marriage, you are very careful in handling your money, as you want to safe guard the financial future of your family.

Before marriage, you had no great duties or responsibilities. After marriage, you have many duties towards your spouse. Your free time was fun loving time with your friends before marriage. But after marriage, you spend your free time with your spouse, instead of with your friends. 

Does these changes imply that life before marriage was a better life for you? Not at all. Of course, you have many responsibilities after your marriage which you never thought existed. But marriage does bring in many positive changes in you.

You become more patient as you come to know that impatience will never work in married life. You learn the art of saving, as you come to know that you need money for the financial security of your family.

You have someone whom you can lean on in times of your emotional stress. You branch out as a family and this gives you an emotional security which no other relationship can give you. This is the reason that your life after marriage is far better than your life before marriage. 

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