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Is your spouse hurting your career?


Posted on : 29/May/2018 16:51:36

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I am a doctor. My wife is a non-medico. My wife doesnt understand the problems I have as a doctor. She is cribbing that I dont spend enough time with her. 

How do I have peace in my marriage if my wife does not understand the difficulties in my profession? - Senthil from Nerkundram

Hi Senthil,

A doctors profession is a noble profession. You have the duty to save people. So, it is normal that you feel stressed and tensed as your time is not in your hands. 

But, it is also natural for your wife to expect that you should spend some time with her. She might want you to take her out. She might want to watch TV with you. She might want to spend her time chatting with you.

All womanly feelings, you know. But, what she does not know is that you do not have a 9 to 5 working hours. You might be called in for an emergency surgery, or you might have to attend to an accident case. You never know what is in store for you in a day.

You have to talk to your wife about the nature of your work. You must also definitely spend quality moments with her when you have free time. Make her feel your love. Dont spend your free hours doing your own thing. It will make your wife feel very angry. 

Dont always keep talking about your patients when you are with your wife. She will be bored. Talk about topics that interest your wife. Help her in her household chores. Take care of your children so that your wife can have some me time. 

When your wife comes to know about the nature of your work, she will understand your professional problems much better. You have to be patient for your wife to change. 

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