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Tips for dealing with depressed spouse


Posted on : 29/May/2018 17:35:36

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We are knee deep in debt. And the reason for this is the gambling of my husband. We are going to sell our house to repay the loan my husband has borrowed. 

I fight with him daily. It is making me feel depressed. I hate my husband for bringing our family to this position. What should I do now? - Sangeetha from Sivakasi 

Hi Sangeetha

Money plays a crucial part in the stability of your marriage. It is all fine to say that love is enough to live a happy married life. But in reality it is not so. 

You need money for your day to day survival. And debts literally makes your marriage hellish. You spend your days in terrified fear about how you are going to repay the money you have borrowed. The interest you pay leaves you with no money for your daily expenses.

When you have no money for your basic family needs, you naturally fight with your husband. It is sad that he has brought your family to such a financial mess by gambling. But it no use crying over spilt milk, is there? Now is the time for you to be very careful in dealing with this problem. You have to get out of your debt. Otherwise, the interest will eat up all your money. 

What is use of paying interest when the principal amount is still not paid? Don’t feel bad that you are selling your house. If you plan well, you can make your future secure. Be firm with your husband that you will not tolerate his gambling any longer. Take control of the finance of your family. 

Repay the loan you have borrowed with the money you get in selling your house. Put the rest of the amount in the bank. If you are lucky enough to have some spare money, buy some land so that it appreciates in value after a few years.
Live within your means. Save and spend. There are so many other sources through which you can earn extra money. You can take classes. You can earn through the internet. You can start a small business. The choice is limitless. All you have to do is to try. You will definitely overcome this problem. Good luck. 

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