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These early symptoms or signs of cancer should not be ignored by men


Posted on : 13/Jun/2018 10:08:55

These days we see many people around us losing their lives due to cancer. How many of us know that in USA this cancer is one major cause for killing many males.

It is now confirmed that maintaining a healthy lifestyle plus exercising daily are very important and by these the cancer could be avoided in us. Genetics and family history regarding cancer must also be considered seriously as they could result in cancer. Unlike women, men do not think about their health and often ignore their health.

Since many men lose their lives to cancer it is important for them to know about few signs or symptoms of cancer.

Few signs or symptoms of cancer which men must not ignore are

Bowel changes - This is very important indication or sign that men must know. Rare bowel issues need not be considered seriously but when bowel issue happens frequently then men must give it a serious thought.  It might be due to colon or rectal cancer in them. It is said that frequent diarrhoea or constipation that comes suddenly might indicate cancer in men.

Fatigue or being very tired - Excess tiredness plus lack of energy is felt when cancer cells grows and reproduce in men. This is one early sign of cancer and enough care must be given for this.

Urinary based issues - It is common for us to have urinary issues as we grow older. Prostate cancer is also indicated by few urinary changes in men. Men above the age of 60 usually get this type of cancer in them. Some urinary changes such as inability to urinate inspite of urge plus urinary leaks, straining during urination etc are few signs or symptoms men must consider seriously.

Presence of lumps in breasts - Normally we associate breast cancer with the females. It is also possible for males to get breast cancer due to genetic mutations. Though breast cancer is rare in men but men must not totally ignore it. Presence of lumps in the breast indicates breast cancer.

Having back pain consistently - Studies have shown that having back pain consistently could result in cancer later on. Only after it has spread to the bones, signs or symptoms of cancer would be seen in us. Severe pain in the lower back in men could be due to prostate cancer also.

Bleeding in rectum - Blood in stools indicate cancer in men. Rectal bleeding indicates rectal cancer. Hemorrhoids might also cause rectal bleeding. It is now revealed that right from the age of 50 men must get screened for colon cancer in them.

Blood in urine - Bladder cancer in men is indicated by the presence of blood in the urine. Smoking leads to bladder cancer in men. Sometimes the blood in the urine could also be because of urinary tract infections or prostate cancer etc.

Coughing with blood - Sometimes non-smoking men feel that they won’t get lung cancer in them so they would not take enough care. Persistent cough in them indicates the presence of lung cancer. Sometimes coughing is accompanied by blood in the mucous and this is a sign of lung cancer in men.  

Sudden loss in weight - It is said that unexplained loss of weight in men might be due to cancer also. So enough care must be taken by men when they have sudden loss in weight.