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These foods increase the blood platelets in us and are superb


Posted on : 13/Jun/2018 10:40:11

Otherwise known as thrombocytes, the platelets are important component of our blood along with RBCs and WBCs. During injuries in us blood comes out and at that time these platelets play an important role in clotting of the blood. These platelets are plate shaped colourless cells that also prevents excessive blood loss. It is important to note that one micro litre of blood has got 150000 to 450000 platelets in it. Hence it is important for us to have the above mentioned amounts of platelets in us but sometimes this platelets count decreases and it leads to many issues in us. It is essential that blood platelet count must be increased so that we could be free from certain health issues like nose bleeding, gum bleeding etc. There are many causes for low platelet count in us.

There are certain foods that could be consumed to increase platelet count in us and they are

Consumption of Vitamin A rich foods - For the production of blood platelets, foods rich in vitamin A is very essential for us. It is known that vitamins form proteins in our body and for cell growth and development healthy protein content is needed. Carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes could be consumed by us for getting adequate amounts of vitamin A.

Intake of Vitamin B12 rich foods It is worthy to note that our blood cells could be kept healthy by vitamin B12. Deficiency of vitamin B12 could also lead to blisters in oral cavity plus weak immunity. Dairy products like eggs, milk, cheese etc are rich in vitamin b12 and these foods must be consumed so that the blood platelets counts increase in us.

Vitamin C foods consumption - For the platelets to function properly the vitamin C plays huge role. Moreover iron gets absorbed by vitamin C and this could lead to more blood platelets in us. Our daily requirement of vitamin C is 400 2000 mg and for that we must consume broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes, oranges etc.

Intake of raisins - It is well known that raisins or dry grapes are rich in iron content. Iron deficiency results in low platelet count in us so intake of raisins would improve the platelets count. Raisins could also be taken along with curd etc.

Consume folate rich foods- It is now said that by consuming folate rich foods the blood platelets count could be increased well. Foods such as kidney beans, black eye peas etc could be beneficial as they are rich in folates.

Coconut oil intake - Being rich in healthy fats, coconut oil is tremendous and it must be consumed for our blood platelets count to increase. By adding to salads, smoothies etc this coconut oil could be consumed.