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Want your kid to become tall then give these foods compulsorily


Posted on : 12/Mar/2019 10:09:56

Majority of us want our kids to grow tall. The fact is it is not possible for every kid to grow tall and that is due to various factors like genes, lack of intake of quality foods etc. The point is kids grow up to a certain age and after that their height becomes stagnant. Right from the early days of the child, parents take care of childs height is known.

The society in which we live has got the habit of comparing one with the other and those who are short are often harassed. This could happen in the family also where siblings get compared based on their heights. There are few foods that must be given to your kid so that they would be able to grow taller.

Foods that could increase the height of a child are

Vegetables intake:

It is believed that as far as growth of a kid is concerned intake of vegetables are important. The height of the kid could increase by consuming these vegetables having iron, magnesium, vitamin K, B, A etc. For the overall development of the body of the child it is necessary that a child consumes vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots, beans, beetroots etc.

Soybeans intake:

This is also one important food that must be given to the kid for their growth. For those kids who do not like egg or chicken and are vegetarians then soya bean could be given as a good substitute. Soya beans are rich in proteins and hence play a great role in the height and growth of the child.

Whole grain intake:

The presence of iron, proteins and vitamin B in whole grains, dals etc are superb and they help in the development of the child and boost their metabolism to a great extent. It is said that the daily diet of the kid must have dals, pulses etc so that the kid would be able to grow taller.

Fruits intake:

Intake of seasonal fruits rich in minerals and low in fat content are superb for the child to grow taller. Metabolism as well as immunity gets improved well.