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A simple 15 minutes trick for weight reduction


Posted on : 15/Mar/2019 12:48:38

If you deeply aim at weight loss, you would do whatever is possible for you to achieve it. Generally, the conventional systems boast of regular exercising and proper diet with low calories in order to get slim. But what do the scientists say? There is a trick that scientists have recently discovered. This, they claim, is very helpful in reducing kilos with ease. Would you believe it would take just 15 days of your daily time?

What is the trick?

 Take time to simply write down your food intake for the day. Simple!

According to a study recently published, those who keep watching their daily food intake tend to reduce weight a lot. Researchers from the University of Vermont along with the University of South California had conducted the study. This involved participation of 150 people. All of them were made to keep track of what they eat for a period of 6 months.

All the details including food they eat, beverage they drink, and their respective calorie counts were to be recorded. By the end, it was observed that they could reduce about 10 percent of their overall body weight. The participants spent about 23 minutes to record their daily food intake initially in the first month. Later, the time duration dropped down to 14.6 minutes which is evidently a positive sign.

It is of course important to note the total time taken for jotting down the daily food intake details. The Chairman of Nutrition and Food Sciences Department from the University of Vermont says there is drastic difference made by monitoring ones own food intakes. One who self-monitors their food intake tend to be very consistent and succeed in their weight loss journey.

The verdict is that those who are into serious diet should make use of tracking applications for shedding kilos. While it is also true that it is important to note down the food intake, it is also to be noted that the job doesnt take much time.