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Make this summer exciting with these little tips


Posted on : 23/May/2018 15:51:31

Are you a parent looking to make the best use of summer holidays to improve the personality and behavior of your child?

In this summer vacation, parents are looking to make their children happy and engaged and enthuse them with fun sessions. First of all, it is important to note that the summer vacation is not just to take a break from studies, but to have enough time to bond with kids in the family and teach them and hone their personalities.

The most common plan during summer is to visit hill stations like Kodaikanal, or Ooty, or beaches like Goa. However, there are many other ways in which you could shape up the personality of your kid when you plan it well.

Below is a brief list to give you an idea of what to do with your kids during this vacation period:

Charm of older days

Earlier, there were not any smartphone or the long hours of TV watching or the chit-chats we usually do. Rather, children used to pen down letters to friends, engage in outdoor activities with kids in their locale or revel in reading book.

Bringing back such activities will bring back the joy of old summer days. Apart from being fun activities, these will also be educative and interesting to the kids.


Yes, of course, the weather is too hot. But it doesnt necessitate that you need to be inside an AC room throughout the day. No parent is willing to take their kids outdoors during noon hours. However, remember that by engaging your kid in indoor activities alone, he/she may turn very unsociable, say experts.

Children can build confidence and be a team player, increase their self-esteem and be a better team performer by indulging in sports with other children. In addition to being healthy and fit with exercising and sports activities, these can also shape them up as a steady individual with immense motivation, commitment and discipline. If you are a parent who perhaps doesnt have any background in sports, you could enroll your kid in a sports club. Of all the many different sports activities, your child can find his individual interest.

Befriend nature

Being friendly to nature and loving nature are of utmost importance. So, make them bond with Mother Nature. Take away the technology from them such as smartphones, TV, laptops, etc. Go for a nature camp for at least one week. This will be a very good way to sow the seeds of love towards Mother Nature. They can, with this initiative, start knowing how important nature is for our sustainable living. In addition, spending time with nature helps in relaxing oneself, sharing with others and explore the world, and they can learn a lot of other things such as creativity in the form of photography, bird watching, being eco-friendly, etc. So, isnt it high time to take your kid close to the nature?


Books are your best friends! Well, books are not understood or seen so by kids these days, as most of them find time with gadgets like mobile or tablet. Reading plays a very vital role in the overall nature of children. It can prepare them for the entire life, especially life after schooling. It can make them a better person emotionally as well as intellectualally. In fact, reading can enhance their overall speaking, punctuation and grammar, thus being fluent with improved vocabulary. They will have better exposure and understanding of various concepts, and can have improved understanding as they join book clubs.

Warm up their brain

It is too challenging to take kids off the gadget screen. However, you can certainly give your best try to make sure that the time you spend is spent productively. For kids aging lesser than 5 years, there are umpteen coding clubs in large numbers. Here, they teach coding with a lot of fun and interaction. They make use of blocks, various tools and others with which they teach various educative subjects and make best use of the off-screen time.