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As many as 832 students from IIT Madras recruited by top firms now


Posted on : 12/Jun/2018 09:51:31

IIT-M or Indian Institute of Technology, Madras was established in the year 1959 and it is an institute of national importance. Many students desire to study in this IIT-M is well known.

This IIT-M has become cynosure of many eyes now. The recent news now is the placement season for 2017-18 has finished on a high because as many as 832 students have now got placed in some top firms. This is 70 % of total number of students who got registered.

In 2017-18, as many as 95 students got jobs through pre placement offers or PPO. In the previous year there were just 73 PPOs and now 114PPOs were made. This 56 % increase is simply superb for the students as many large firms such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Goldman Sachs have absorbed students.

As many as 256 companies were registered for placements for this 2017-18 and there were 958 offers from these companies for the students belonging to IIT-M. A total of 817 students got placed and this accounted for 66 % of the registered students. In this 2017-18 there were also 19 international offers and that is tremendous piece of information. The efforts taken by the placement staff as well as student teams have played a great role in this year 2017-18 placements and many postgraduates students got placed due to their efforts of the above two. This was confirmed by none other than Mr. Santhanam, placement and training advisor of IIT-M. He also spoke about how the overall scenario in placements was better due to greater interest shown by the recruiters.

One important point to note is the overall trends in sector wise recruitment remained same like in the past. Even this time the leading recruiters were ‘Core’ and ‘Information Technology’.  Nearly 45 % of placements were in R&D companies and core engineering, 28 % were in analytics/consulting/finance and 22 % were in information technology or IT. There were also 38 start-ups that took part in recruitment in IIT-M. Out of 101 offers made by the firms, 83 were accepted by the students and the leading sectors in the start-up recruitment were IT (36%) followed by Analytics (24%) and Core (11%).