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As Per Nov, 2018

Pens & Pencils Price List
Item Descriptions Brand Qty Price (Rs)

Reynolds 040 Pen

Reynolds Nos 4.40 

Reynolds 045 Pen

Reynolds Nos 5.50 

Reynolds Fusion Pen

Reynolds Nos 4.50 

Cello Fine Griper Pen

Cello Nos 5.50 

Flair Ezee Click Ball Pen

Flair Nos 4.50 

Montex Mega Top Ball Pen

Montex Nos 9.00 

Flair Hydra Gel Pen

Fliar Nos 6.95 

Faber Castle Ball Pen

Faber Castel Nos 4.50 

Add gel Achiever Gel Pen

ADD Nos 45.00 

Use & Throve Pen

Speedex Nos 3.00 

Reynolds Gel Pen

Reynolds Nos 9.00 

Reynolds Refill 040/045

Reynolds Nos 3.50 

Cello Refill Griper/Fine Grip

Cello Nos 3.50 

White Board Marker

Camlin Nos 24.00 

Reynolds Refill 040/045

Reynolds Nos 3.50 

Permanent Marker

Camlin Nos 16.00 


Luxor Nos 16.00 

Sketch Pen – Luxor

Luxor set 60.00 

Nataraj Pencil

Nataraj Box 35.00 

Apsara Pencil

Apsara Box 45.00 

Camel Pencil

Camel Box 28.00 

Sharpener Nataraj / Doms

Nataraj /Doms Nos 2.75 

Eraser Nataraj

Nataraj Nos 0.90 

Eraser Non Dust

Apsara Nos 2.85 
Scale Price List
Item Descriptions Price (Rs)



Plastic 1 Ft


Steel 6"


Steel 1 Ft


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